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Over 25 years Recruitment & Talent Acquisition | Bookkeeping/Controller |  Website Design & Development | IT & Help Desk | Cloud Migrations | Software Strategist | Business Administration | Project Management | Information/Content Strategist | Excellent Troubleshooting Skills

Josie Romero

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Hello! My name is Josie Romero and my passion in life is using my natural affinity for all things technology to help other busy professionals and small business owners bridge the technology gap to expand their reach and increase their online presence.

There is no denying it anymore…we are in the digital era now and if you’re not jumping on the technology/social media train like right now then inevitably you will be left in the dust by your competitors, if you’re not already.

My approach when working with clients is to find out what their goals are and create an effective strategy utilizing their available resources and budget. Every client is unique and due to my extensive skill set I can implement every step as well as train others in the business as well. I find it integral to success to ensure that the business owner understands every step and I do this in the least overwhelming and non-technical manner.

Some examples of work I have performed in the last year for clients includes: cleaning up financials and providing guidance on reading profit and loss statements and balance sheets; moving workstations to a secure, cloud based storage solution; evaluating inefficiencies and repetitive tasks and streamlining processes using the most appropriate software applications; creation of optimized websites and e-commerce sites, content creation, logo design and redesigns and much more…

over 20 years experience

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition | Bookkeeping/Controller |  Website Design & Development | IT & Help Desk | Cloud Migrations | Software Strategist | Business Administration | Project Management | Information/Content Strategist | Excellent Troubleshooting Skills


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Bliss Hair studio

"Brick and Mortar" Hair Salon

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Heaven's furniture

Custom Furniture and E-commerce store

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Yes, I have an extensive and diverse skillset which is exactly what I leverage in my quest to help small business owners I provide consulting to.  There have been times that certain tasks are best delegated either due to the mundane aspect or at times more complicated work, such as complex logo design that I will have one of my trusty network of subcontractors handle under my guidance.

I liked to compare it this way, I have a very good family friend.  He is the person we call when something needs to be fixed.  It can be a vehicle or it literally could be repairing a complicated plumbing problem and this guy is a genius and you can tell he is just a natural at it!  I on the other hand STILL have to inquire out loud "is that the one with the butterfly tip or the flat tip?"  This sort of stuff does not interest me, and it does not come naturally to me.  On the other hand, I have completely embraced technology since the day I was introduced to my first PC running the MS DOS operating system over 30 years ago now.  I remember this day as if it was yesterday.   I loved having to discover the correct commands to execute my orders!  Keep this in mind when you’re frustrated at your computer which now is built to be user friendly and intuitive!  Back then no way!!!

I have to literally RESTRAIN myself when I’m in the company of a friend and their smartphone and I notice they are not using something effectively.  It drives me NUTS! I LOVE to figure things out and teach others – but only if they WANT this – LOL!

Yep!!!  I am a numbers girl. I always have been.  Again, comes naturally to me.  I learned bookkeeping back when it was necessary to actually understand the skill of bookkeeping and could work out your financials on paper!  I’m also the person who goes to a store and sees 1 can of starbucks doubleshot espresso for $1.25 and right next to it they have a six-pack of it on "SALE" for $6.99 and immediately work out in my head that that will yield me a discount of  8 cents a can and this is all in my head and without using my phone. I do not put any thought into wanting to do this.  I just love automatically working out numbers in my head.


"Josie got our whole company operating on the cloud, including our email and documents as well as both Mac & Windows platforms. Everyone is now so much more efficient, using the same email platform and able to find and access documents quickly. The whole process was seamless and Josie was a pleasure to work with!"
Tina Pace
Office Administrator
"Our small business needed a website and we had no idea how to turn our idea into a simple, clean one page site. We contacted Josie and she was very knowledgeable and understanding of what our needs and wants were. She validated our hard work we had already invested into building our site and made our dream a reality. We had already built a site that was a confusing jumble on Wix and she was able to turn that into a beautiful working site both on computer and mobile that was clean and easy to use within a few short days. She has walked us through the confusing steps and continues to be supportive and helpful in an above and beyond abundance of what we had expected. We highly recommend her to anyone!"
Fiona McNally
"Josie took over all of my Hair Studio's marketing and promotion in 2016. She rebranded our name/logo and designed a website that captured new emails and she integrated Vagaro, which is a an online booking service. I can honestly say that I have seen a tremendous amount of new clients as a result of my local search rankings improving tremendously. Josie knows what she's doing! She's extremely smart and she's always on top of the ever changing digital marketing world."
Silvia Santana

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