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About Me

My Name Is Josie Romero And My Passion In Life Is Using My Natural Affinity For All Things Technology To Help Other Busy Professionals And Small Business Owners Bridge That Technology Gap To Expand Their Reach And Increase Their Online Presence.
There Is No Denying It Anymore…We ARE A Digital Era Now And If You’re Not Jumping On The Technology/Social Media Train Like Right Now Then Inevitably WILL Be Left In The Dust By Your Competitors.
Unfortunately, Those That Created Successful And Thriving Businesses In The Past Using Methods Other Than The Web Are Finding Themselves Overwhelmed And Sadly In Some Cases This Lack Of Understanding Has Led To Expensive But Well Meaning Attempts To Become Google’s Top Ranking Service Provider.
I Have A Very Direct And To The Point Approach, Most Likely Due To My NYC Upbringing, And My Approach Is To Give You Only The Information You Need.  Nothing Else.  I Probably Don’t Need To Explain This Further But Simply Put, What Busy Business Owner Or Professional Has Time To Weed Through A Bunch Of Information.  I Curate Specific And Effective Technology Applications So You Don’t Have To.  I also have a Glossary page where I define frequently used technology terms.  

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